What is it like in the Amazon Rainforest?

This is our final topic this year, one I am looking forward to!

Amazon Rainforest

We will be exploring where we might find rainforests and what we would need if we were visiting one. We will be looking at plant like and what they need to survive. We will be discovering what animals you might find deep inside the rainforest – do you know any?

Year 3 will also be going to Blackpool zoo to look at reptiles, birds and other animals we might find in the jungle!

Have a look at some of our links/games to websites about the rainforests:




Who lived at Castlefield fort?

This term we will be learning about who the Romans were and why they came to Manchester. We will be exploring who lived before the Romans and looking at what life was like for a Roman soldier.

We will designing our own weapons, using various materials choosing the most appropriate ones to use in battle. We also have a Roman workshop booked so keep checking for some pictures!

Image result for romans

Here are some useful websites you might like to visit about Romans:



The Stone Age!

Have you ever wondered how people lived millions of years ago? Well this term Year 3 will be exploring the stone age, bronze age and the iron age.

We will be looking at how they survived, how they got food and built houses. Did you know in the stone age they would skin an animal, eat the meat and break the bones to eat the marrow! ewwww!

We are alo visiting Poole’s Cavern in Buxton this term. This will be an excellent trip which will enable us to go inside the caves and explore! Have a look at their website……


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